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TITLE: His to Break
AUTHOR: Penelope Prince
GENRE: Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance
RELEASE DATE: January 17, 2018
PUBLISHER: Penelope Prince
PAGES: Approx. 196
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His Obsession. Her Undoing.

Dr. Aiden Shaw is everything I ever wanted—handsome, smart, rich, and dominant.

There’s one problem. Aiden has an addiction.
And I’m the only doctor who can treat him.

He doesn’t want my help, so we make a deal.

If I fulfill his every desire, Aiden has to open up about his past and bare his darkest secrets to me.

He promised me pain. I promised my body.
I wanted to fix him. He tried to break me.

My submission is the only way to save him.
But our experiment could shatter us both.

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I take a seat across from Aiden, unable to take my eyes off him. He leans back against the plush cushions and stretches his arms above his head, drawing my attention to how tight the black oxford fits his arms and hugs his muscular chest. He sucks me in with one look that goes straight between my thighs, killing me without even touching me. 

Aiden was always sexy, but now he oozes sex appeal. Before, his dark hair was longer, messier as if styled that way on purpose. Now, it sweeps over his forehead in waves, not a single hair out of place. He’s so manicured and perfect. 

I wish I had some confidence in my ability to treat this man. I’m not even sure I can be in the same room as Aiden. Taking him on as a patient would put me in a strange position every week. But I suspect he needs more than the usual treatment plan.

How will I make it through more than one session without wanting to climb onto his lap? Aiden always did strange things to me. 

After an awkward silence, Aiden leans forward with his hands on his knees. “Be a good girl and spread your legs for me,” he says, staring at me as if I am a piece of meat.  

I slap my thighs together, now even more aware of Aiden’s intentions. 
There’s no way on earth I will last through the hour without jeopardizing my career. Before we graduated from the Ph.D. program together, I was so close to giving in to my heart and body and saying the hell with Aiden and his demons. 

“You are in my office, Aiden,” I remind him because he seems to need one.

“What does that have to do with anything?”

“I will not feed into your addiction, Aiden. If you want me to treat you, I need to know that you are serious about making a change.”

“The only thing I’m serious about is you, Scar.” He licks his lips. “Now, show me what I have been missing.”

“Aiden,” I shout. “You’re even worse now than when we were in college. Are you here to torture me or to seek out treatment for your sex addiction?”

“A little bit of both. You can heal me, Scarlett. I know you can.”

“Are you willing to work with me?”

“Oh, I am more than willing. You made me an offer five years ago. Do you remember it?”

“How could I forget? You turned me down.”

“I never turned you down. I refused treatment. There’s a difference.”

“I failed to see the distinction.”

“My intentions for you were always clear.”

“Maybe, but you had a problem. I wanted to help you.”

“You wanted to fix me. I’m not some broken toy for you to glue back together.”

“And you wanted to break me,” I counter.

“I still do.”


Penelope Prince is a dark romance author from Los Angeles, California who loves getting lost inside the minds of her characters. She's addicted to caffeine and chocolate, both of which she keeps next to her when she writes her dark and dirty novels.

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NEW REVIEW! PAINTED FACES (Painted Faces #1) and KILLER QUEEN (Painted Faces #2) by L.H. Cosway:

"... not your conventional hero and this is not your traditional love story." - Craves the Angst

TITLE: Painted Faces
SERIES: Painted Faces #1
AUTHOR: L.H. Cosway
GENRE: Romance
RELEASE DATE: December 16, 2012
PAGES: Approx. 358

RATING: 4 Stars!

Come forth with an open mind, for an unconventional tale of love..

Dublin native Freda Wilson considers herself to be an acquired taste. She has a habit of making offensive jokes and speaking her mind too often. She doesn't have the best track record with first impressions, which is why she gets a surprise when her new neighbour Nicholas takes a shine to her.

Nicholas is darkly handsome, funny and magnetic, and Freda feels like her black and white existence is plunged into a rainbow of colour when she's around him. When he walks into a room he lights it up, with his quick wit and charisma. He is a travelling cabaret performer, but Freda doesn't know exactly what that entails until the curtains pull back on his opening night.

She is gob-smacked and entirely intrigued to see him take to the stage in drag. Later on, Nicholas asks her if she would like to become his show assistant. Excited by the idea, she jumps at the chance. Soon she finds herself immersed in a world of wigs, make-up and high heels, surrounded by pretty men and the temptation of falling for her incredibly beautiful employer.

In this story of passion and sexual discovery, Nicholas and Freda will contend with jealousy, emotional highs and lows, and the kind of love that only comes around once in a lifetime.

**Not suitable for younger readers. Contains some strong language and scenes of a sexual nature.**

4 Unconventional Stars!

The Review: 
First off, this review is going to be a bit long. I have several things I want to say. So I apologize.

Second, I’ll be honest. When this book came out a few years ago, I wasn’t much for reading it. Not because of it’s theme, (because I was intrigued and curious about a romance novel with a hero that was a straight drag queen ,) but because I didn’t think it would give me the “swoons” or the “feels” I’ve come to love in my romances. I passed on it because I had a set idea of what a book hero was supposed to be and I didn’t think it would fit into my small box of what a romance novel should be. When I read romance, I want my heart to speed up, my tummy to flutter and I want to be able to go outside myself and my own life and capture that idea of romance I have set in my own mind. I passed on this book, thinking it couldn’t compete with that idea, even after several people told me I needed to read it.

Well, here I am, several years later and I have egg on my face. Why? Because after reading this book, my “idea” as I called it, was challenged in the best possible way. Nicholas was a breath of fresh air. Freda was an exceptional heroine. The plot was fantastically well done. And the swoons that I love? Yeah, they totally happened.

I loved this book!

Freda Wilson is a twenty-five year old baker living in Dublin, Ireland. She’s outspoken, brash, doesn't have a mind-to-mouth filter and doesn’t fancy herself as a true beauty. In fact, her self-esteem has taken a serious nosedive after a nasty breakup three years ago. She has no desire to relive that awful experience again, so getting into a relationship is the last thing on her mind. But after meeting her extremely handsome, charming, openly forward and UNIQUE new neighbor, her grey world is suddenly exploding in color and blooming with possibility.

Nicholas Turner is a twenty-eight year old traveling cabaret performer who has just moved to Dublin in the hopes of settling down for a while. Suffering highs and lows in life, and drowning in memories from a traumatic past, he needs something steady and solid and he’s hoping Dublin will provide it for him. Then he meets his beautiful next door neighbor and suddenly, his dark world is shining with light. 

In the spirit of being honest, I have to admit, at about 25% of the book, I ALMOST gave up. I loved the story. I loved the characters, but I was also getting a seriously irritating vibe from Nicholas. He’s the hero of the story and I couldn’t get past his overly grabby hands, his blatant come-ons and his pushy male dominance. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE alpha males. I love males that know what they want and go for it, but for some reason, I was having trouble connecting with Nicholas. 

WARNING: Somewhat spoilery...
At one point, soon after he’s befriended Freda, convinced her to work with him and showed multiple times his interest in her, he risks their budding future for a quick lay! I was not impressed.

Freda is shy, she thinks no one could possibly like her or be attracted to her, especially someone as good looking and charismatic as Nicholas, so she dismisses his come-ons as him just being flirtatious. She can’t seem to wrap her head around the fact he likes her and wants her. But instead of understanding this about Freda, Nicholas takes it as rejection and decides to continue his manwhore ways and beds an Italian beauty he and Freda met in the park just the day before. And I get it, he and Freda hadn’t known each other long, so of course, the connection hadn’t fully been established yet. That’s not what bothered me most. What bothered me was he wanted Freda, realized she was jealous of his interest in the other woman and told her flat out, all she had to do was say the word and he’d drop the other woman because Freda was his "first choice to fuck"! Freda, being a bit overwhelmed, as she had every right to be, declined and he slept with the other woman anyhow. Then the next day, he has the audacity to tell her that while he was fucking that woman, he was thinking of her. He got a big ol’ slap in the face by Freda for that line. And I actually cheered. But then she apologized and it was all for naught.
END: Spoilery part over.

And to be even more honest, Nicholas’s attachment to his deceased mother seemed ... odd. Eerie even. It seemed he had an unhealthy fascination with her, going so far as to keep her clothes and have her tattooed on his arm.

At that point, I texted my friend, the one who insisted I needed to read this book, and told her I couldn’t do it. She told me to keep on going because it would all pay off in the end. So I did.

And I’m glad I did.

The author delves deeper into Nicholas’s overwhelming personality and soon you start to see past the surface. He’s been in an environment where those forward tactics have always worked for him, using his forwardness to hide behind, much the way Freda used sarcasm to hide behind. He’s survived a traumatic past and he finds himself either high on life or low in the gutter when his depression sets in. He’s a complex, multilayered, fascinating character and after I came to terms with who he was, what he’s been through and accepted how he handled himself and the situations around him, I actually began to love him and adore everything about him.

His fascination with his mom stems from a lonely childhood steeped in abuse and his need to hold on to the one thing that he knew was good, knew was pure and knew held happiness for him. So after it’s all explained, I totally got it. I still think the man needed therapy to help with his depression, but I got it.

Simply put, he’s not your conventional hero and this is not your traditional love story. And I LOVED it!

I enjoyed Freda’s resistance to all that was Nicholas. Obviously she was interested. She wanted him as badly as he wanted her, but she also saw the way he treated his one night stand and didn’t want to be just another bed warmer. She wanted him to return the feelings she was developing. So she held out, she respects herself enough to realize she needed more from him and waited until she knew him better. Freda was also totally open minded, didn’t give two shites about what others thought and if everyone could see through her eyes, the world would be a better place. I loved her character so much.

The Wrap Up: 
All in all, this book was fantastic! It made me think! It made me open my mind. Like Nicholas, I had my highs and my lows while reading it, but after that first twenty-five percent, I came to see things differently and the rest of the book was cake. I devoured the entire thing without stopping!

I can’t believe it took me so long to read this book, especially considering I’m a HUGE fan of this author’s published works. She has a talent for telling unique, profound stories with interesting and extraordinary characters. This one was no exception.

I’m thrilled to add this to my “read” list. Book heroes come in all forms, just like in real life. The story challenged me and my ideas and really, shame on me for not reading it sooner.

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"In one of the best companion novels I’ve ever read, Nicholas tells his side of the story ..." - Craves the Angst

TITLE: Killer Queen
SERIES: Painted Faces #2
AUTHOR: L.H. Cosway
GENRE: Romance
RELEASE DATE: October 20, 2014
PAGES: Approx. 264

RATING: 4.5 Stars

Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome…

Come inside The Glamour Patch club to see the star of our show, Miss Vivica Blue. 

Do you want to read my diary you nosy little devils? Have a glass of champagne (you’ll need it) and get comfortable because you’re in for some crazy shenanigans brought to you straight from the horse’s mouth.

I can be whatever you want me to be: boy, girl, a little bit of both.

If you have a problem with a man in a dress then best be off with you. If males in make-up give you the willies, then I’ll say au revoir and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

So, who are we left with? Ah, a fine collection of curious souls. I want to tell you a tale of love, because those are the most glorious kind. I want to tell you about real love, a love that transcends labels and gender stereotypes.

The moment I first laid eyes on my Freda I knew that we were kindred. Well okay, I also knew I wanted to get into her pants, but that’s beside the point. My world was a grey place. I was at my lowest ebb. Then she came along and patches of colour began to spring forth. One day the daffodils were yellow and before I knew it, colour was everywhere, lighting up my life.

Love is not about how we appear on the outside, it’s about the soul contained within.

Our story was not a conventional one, but it was ours, and that’s what made it shine.

Killer Queen is a companion novel to L.H. Cosway’s contemporary romance, Painted Faces. It contains scenes that take place before, during and after the original story. It can also be read as a standalone.

4.5 “Is that love?” Stars!

The Review: 
Told strictly from the thoughts of Nicholas, this book is an exceptional addition to the first book, Painted Faces, which I thoroughly enjoyed. The blurb claims you don’t need to read the first book in order to understand this one and that’s true, but you should! The first book was wonderful, told in Freda’s POV and is a must read.

In Killer Queen, we get Nicholas’s POV in all its outlandish glory. In one of the best companion novels I’ve ever read, Nicholas tells his side of the story in a unique, colorful and expressive journal-style way, with added scenes that delve deeper into his past, into his thoughts and feelings and into his alter ego, Vivica Blue! It also gives us more story after Painted Faces, with bonus scenes that will tug at your heart and give you the ultimate closure to the rich, deeply loveable journey of two characters who find love in a most unconventional setting.

I loved everything about this book! Getting inside Nicholas’s head explained SO MUCH! I had a hard time with some of his actions in the first book, but the author did a fantastic job helping us understand his motives, his feelings and explained in great detail why he was the way he was. I loved Nicholas before, but this book is a perfect companion to the first and really opened my eyes to the man behind the paint. We see things differently through his eyes and really come to understand all his fabulousness!

Definitely, a must read ... period!

Get it now at AMAZON | B&N | KOBO


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TITLE: Cross Stroke
AUTHOR: Elizabeth Hartey
AGE GROUP: New Adult
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
RELEASE DATE: January 16, 2018
PUBLISHER: Limitless Publishing LLC
PAGES: Approx. 274
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One night left my heart shattered and my reputation ruined, and now my only hope is to transfer to another university far from home. Although I’m a champion figure skater and am used to succeeding, I can’t dump the burden of distrust and intimacy I’m carrying.

But when I literally crash into the cocky captain of the hockey team, sparks fly, and the attraction is as undeniable as it is unwanted.

No way is this arrogant hottie the one to help me move past my fears. Or is he…?


Overwhelmed with guilt and remorse, I can’t forget the tragic accident that killed my first love. To avoid ever feeling that kind of agonizing loss again, I vow to stick with one-night stands with every puck bunny who glides my way and focus on keeping my position on the hockey team.

But after I meet a feisty figure skater and am then thrown together with her as a lab partner, I find I want to melt the icy walls we’ve built around our hearts.

If we don’t strangle each other first.

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The hockey player zips past me again. The wind of his speed sweeps across my face. As Bob said, this session is almost over, but I only wanted a few minutes to get the feel of the ice anyway. However, when I take the first stroke on the ice, this is not what I had in mind. The feel I was interested in wasn’t the one where my ass hits the frigid, unforgiving surface right in front of a pair of black hockey skates. 

The skater slides to an abrupt halt to avoid running over me, his sharp blades spraying me with cold shavings. In my frantic state of synaptic overdrive, I forgot to remove my glittery purple skate guards.

“Yeah, those don’t work too well on the ice. You might want to remove them before trying to stroke.” I look up up up until I reach the face of the taunting skater.

Yowsa. His ice blue eyes shimmer like lasers right through the Plexiglas visor of his hockey helmet. Strands of sun-kissed streaked hair peek out from his helmet and frame cheekbones, which would be the envy of every Express model. Absurd. No one looks that good in a helmet.

Did he say something about stroking? 

My naughty, sex starved mind drifts for a second to stroking other types of hard surfaces, the kind that could melt cold ice and my bones. Seems the blood has no problem reaching lower regions of my body now. 

Stop it. 

Right. Sworn off sex. Forever. Well, at least until I can let someone get that close again, if I ever can. 

But when Hottie McHot wiggles his fingers and stretches his hand out a little further toward me, it’s like he has a front row seat to the opening night of my porno imagination. Although my ass has lost all sensation from its imminent fusion to the icy surface, I can feel the warm blush creeping up my neck and face.


As a lover of the northeast US, my husband and I moved to the Poconos several years ago to open a Chiropractic Clinic.

Four children and a menagerie of animals later, I have finally found time to fulfill my lifelong dream of writing novels. A dreamer at heart, romance is---of course---the genre I spend most of my time writing and reading into the wee hours of the morning. However, if it's a good book, any genre can keep me immersed in the story for hours.

When I’m not juggling work responsibilities and writing, I enjoy baking, knitting, traveling, hiking the beautiful hills and woods around my home and spending time with my family.

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COVER REVEAL! GENTLEMAN NINE by Penelope Ward is coming soon!

SERIES: (A standalone)
AUTHOR: Penelope Ward
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
RELEASE DATE: February 19, 2018
COVER DESIGNED BY: Letitia Hasser, RBA designs
COVER MODEL: Lucas Garcez

From New York Times bestselling author Penelope Ward, comes a new, sexy standalone novel.

Growing up, the three of us were friends.
He was the nerd.
I was the playboy.
She was the beauty.

Deep down, I only ever wanted her. I kept it inside because Rory and I made a pact that our friend, Amber, was off-limits.
He lied.

I went off to college, and he got the girl.
Amber never knew how I felt.
They were together for years—before he broke her heart.

Through it all and across the miles, she and I casually stayed in touch.
When my job sent me to Boston for a three-month contract position, Amber let me stay in her spare room.

Still reeling from her breakup, she’d sworn off men.

One night, I opened her computer to find the shock of my life. She’d hesitantly contacted a male escort company. Afraid to date and get her heart broken again, she was looking for sex with no strings.

Every emotion imaginable ran through me: protectiveness, jealousy—curiosity.
Amber had chosen Gentleman Number Nine and sent him a message.

She opened up to him, confessing, among other things, her physical attraction to her friend—me. But she considered me off-limits—and she thought I was a manwhore. (Ironic, considering the circumstances.)

Eventually, she set up a date to meet Gentleman Nine at a hotel. 

When she showed up several nights later to meet him, she got the surprise of her life to see me standing there—with an offer I hoped she wouldn’t refuse.


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**No Amazon e-book preorder. Will go live on/around release day.**


Penelope Ward is a New York Times, USA Today, and #1 Wall Street Journal Bestselling author. She’s a seventeen-time New York Times bestseller. Her novels are published in over a dozen languages and can be found in bookstores around the world. Having grown up in Boston with five older brothers, she spent most of her twenties as a television news anchor, before switching to a more family-friendly career. She is the proud mother of a beautiful 13-year-old girl with autism and a 12-year-old boy. Penelope and her family reside in Rhode Island.

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NEW RELEASE with REVIEW! SEX, NOT LOVE by Vi Keeland is now LIVE!

"Fun, exciting, ENJOYABLE, heartfelt and undeniably romantic, Sex, Not Love is a must, MUST read!" - Craves the Angst

TITLE: Sex, Not Love
SERIES: standalone
AUTHOR: Vi Keeland
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
RELEASE DATE: January 15, 2018
PAGES: Approx. 284
InkSlinger PR

RATING: 5 Stars!

My relationship with Hunter Delucia started backwards.  
We met at a wedding—him sitting on the groom’s side, me sitting on the bride’s.  Stealing glances at each other throughout the night, there was no denying an intense, mutual attraction.  
I caught the bouquet; he caught the garter.  Hunter held me tightly while we danced and suggested we explore the chemistry sparking between us.  His blunt, dirty mouth should’ve turned me off.  But for some crazy reason, it had the opposite effect on me.
We ended up back in my hotel room.  The next morning, I headed home to New York leaving him behind in California with the wrong number.
I thought about him often, but after my last relationship, I’d sworn off of charming, cocky, gorgeous-as-sin men. A year later, Hunter and I met again at the birth of our friends’ baby.  Our attraction hadn't dulled one bit.  After a whirlwind trip, he demanded a real phone number this time.  So I left him with my mother’s—she could scare away any man with her talks of babies and marriage—and flew back home.
I’d thought it was funny, until the following week when he rang the bell at Mom’s house for Sunday night dinner.  The crazy, gorgeous man had won over my mother and taken an eight-week assignment in my city.  He proposed we spend that time screwing each other out of our systems.  
Eight weeks of mind-blowing sex with no strings attached? What did I have to lose?
Nothing, I thought.
It’s just sex, not love.
But you know what they say about the best laid plans…

REVIEWER'S NOTE: I received an eARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

5 “Love, Not Sex” Stars!

The Review: 
Fun, exciting, ENJOYABLE, heartfelt and undeniably romantic, Sex, Not Love is a must, MUST read!

Natalia Rossi isn’t looking for a committed relationship. After having her trust broken, she’s finally at a place where she’s open enough to scratch her two year long itch, but she definitely wants no attachments.

Hunter Delucia meets Natalia at his best friends wedding and after overhearing her conversation with her own best friend, about wanting to hook up with one of the attendees, for nothing more than just sex, he thinks with that smokin’ hot body and that smart mouth, he’s found the perfect person to have a “sex, not love” kind of fling with, because he too, isn’t looking for any kind of commitment.

But once the sparks start flying, both of them have to fight, and fight hard to deny what’s really brewing between them, especially with Hunter having painful secrets and Nat having major trust issues.

I love, LOVED these characters! Oh man. Ever single paragraph was filled with something new and I couldn’t help but devour this book in one sitting.

I enjoyed Hunter’s outrageously confident personality and his cocky comebacks. That man was a riot! But he also had tenderness behind all that swagger. He may have chosen no commitments, but that charming, sexy, straightforward, often times brash man had so much heart! It seeped out with his every action, along with compassion and caring.

Nat was full of sass and she was so easy to connect with. She had well deserved trust issues, but she was also full of life! She was scared to commit, but in the deep recesses of her heart, where she didn’t want to acknowledge, she held out hope that one day, she’d find something worth taking the risk for again. I loved her well rounded, layered character. 

Try as she might, Nat just couldn’t resist Hunter. I loved her struggle though. It was entertaining to watch her try to stonewall. But that man wouldn’t be denied! Feisty, and obstinate from the start, these two were so much fun together. And their chemistry was off the charts HOT! Every time Hunter walked into Nat’s space, an inferno blazed and I got those amazing belly flutters I love so much.

The Wrap Up: 
Vi Keeland’s stories are always clever, always sexy, always intense, always memorable and always well written. Her characters are always ones I could totally see myself being bff’s with in real life. And as much as I enjoy her other books and have read them over and over, I think this one is her absolute best and now one of my all time favorites!

I smiled. I laughed. I swooned. I had all the feels.

Like I said... a MUST READ!

Purchase now at...


Vi Keeland is a #1 New York Times and #1 Wall Street Journal Bestselling author. With millions of books sold, her titles have appeared in over eighty Bestseller lists and are currently translated in nineteen languages. She lives in New York with her husband and their three children where she is living out her own happily ever after with the boy she met at age six.

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Author Facebook | Website | Twitter |
Instagram | Goodreads


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Isn't it fucking insane that I can’t get her out of my head?

TITLE: Indiscretions of a God
SERIES: Porn Star Boyfriends #3 (standalone)
AUTHOR: Sunniva Dee
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
RELEASE DATE: January 16, 2018
PUBLISHER: Sunniva Dee
PAGES: Approx. 263
Panda & Boodle Promotions

I’m not a saint. That’s not why I left the mafia.

I left because I’m god, because I need no one, and fail at nothing.

I’m Isaias Di Nascimbeni, owner of Lucid, the biggest adult entertainment studio in L.A. Son of Il Lince and second generation Italian in the U.S, I’m dirty rich and adored by highlife as well as lowlife.

Whatever I focus on turns to gold.
On the Richter’s scale of eye candy, I’m a twenty.
I’m a hunter who tests limits.
A warrior who goes shady when the law becomes dreary.

While conducting business at the St. Tatiana,
the most stunning woman I’ve ever seen enters my radar.
Isn’t it interesting that her name is Tatiana?
Isn’t it bizarre that she’s a nun?
Isn’t it wild that she’s unimpressed by me?

Isn't it fucking insane that I can’t get her out of my head?

She doesn’t acknowledge me when I return to her church.
It’s unprecedented. Unheard of. Not happening.
But the hunt is my fetish.
Novice or not, she’s only postponing the inevitable.
Beautiful Tatiana asked for this.
By the time I'm done, she’ll worship me, because now it's game on.

A no-cliffhanger, standalone book #3 in the Porn Star Boyfriend series.

Purchase now at Amazon
Free with Kindle Unlimited


“Isaias.” Tatiana’s fingers brush down my temple and my cheek to my mouth. “I need to leave for about an hour. I didn’t want you to worry.”

I blink off my sleep. I’m on the couch in the living room, waiting for my phone to ring with news about Gabriela.

“I can’t let you leave, baby.” I arch my head backward, following the sound of her voice. Her pretty face hovers over me from behind. I reach up, pull her down to me. She sinks to her knees and cradles my face with her hands.

Tatiana allows me to devour her mouth. My tongue delves in, swiping and suckling her into a moan. It’s heart-battering. I breathe faster, and then her exhales become shallow too. I love that sound.

“It’s not safe out there for you.” I lace my fingers into her hair, extending it around our faces. We’re in a tent of silk and warm sugar. “I’d never hold you back if it weren’t for your safety. Because you need to live on. On and on and on with that crazy beauty you are.”

She puffs a quiet laugh against me. “Weirdo.”

“I want you,” I sigh out.

“Tonight, darling. I just need to do this, okay?”

I still her face over me. Nudge it away enough to stare into her eyes. “I’ll come with you.”

“You can’t. It’s nun business.”

“You still think of nuns?”

“My business with the sisterhood doesn’t simply disappear because of an explosion in a church,” she whispers to me.

“Let me at least drive you there.”

I shut my eyes while her soft fingers draw trails down my cheeks. In my adult life, I’ve been touched often and in many ways, but Tatiana’s caresses remain on my skin long after they’re gone.

“Isaias, I’m twenty-seven years old. I’ve been fending for myself for a long time. I’ll be fine, okay?”

I scrunch my eyes shut, knowing I won’t be forcing myself on this stubborn, beautiful, independent woman tonight.

“I’ll be honest with you. I can’t bear the thought of you and Gabriela both out there without my protection.” I pull her down so I can kiss the infinitely soft skin of her throat. “Just let me drive you there. I won’t come in. I’ll, you know, play with my phone and listen to music like some dopy-ass high-school boyfriend until you come out.”


I grew up surrounded by women. I grew up surrounded by macho men too, but they all knew when to yield to their women. It’s why my father’s heart still beats for my mother. It’s why hers stutters every time he’s in danger.

So I let Tatiana go. I stand there on the gravel, hands fisted in my pockets like a douche. At least she accepted my offer of taking the Escalade with the bulletproof windows. She better get used to that, because she’s with Isaias di Nascimbeni. From now on, I’ll make damn sure she never drives anything that can’t repel the bullets of my father’s enemies.

“Fritz,” I shout as soon as she rolls toward the highway. “Get in.”


I walk up to him and point toward another loaner. It’s a joke of a car. Small and grey, it’s unassuming enough to blend in anywhere. I chuck him the key.

“I hold you personally responsible for Tatiana’s wellbeing until she’s back in my arms. Understood?”

“Absolutely, sir. It’s an honor.”

I pitch him my Glock too, and I don’t fucking care how unprecedented that is. He grabs it on reflex, gaze humbled as it meets mine. “Mr. Nascimbeni. I’ve got it. I have my sub.”

I stare him down, willing him to tell me it’ll be enough. Because is it? His stare dims with determination. Then he tosses my gun back. I watch it swirl in the air and find my palm in seconds.

“You’re sure?”  My voice doesn’t sound right.

“I am.”

I squint, forcing liquid away from my eyes.

“I will get your woman back to you.”


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Sunniva Dee is a reader, a lover of everything beautifully written no matter the genre. As an author, she pens flawed characters and seeks the flip side where the soul hides. Once there, she wants to be pulled out of her comfort zone by stories taking on a life of their own.

Sunniva has written paranormal and young adult. She’s committed contemporary romance verging on erotica, and she’s dabbled in supernatural mystery. But her heart
is rooted in new adult of the true kind: young adult all grown up, with conflicts and passions that are familiar to college-aged readers and readers who remember those days like they happened last night.

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